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What are the random results for you?

In the end, is it all a question of luck?

Pure luck, not the causal relationship or principle of cause and effect, would be a non-deterministic system, but the devices we use are deterministic systems. Pure luck should be based on reliable random results with reasonable rewards and no manipulation possibilities.

Project Introduction

SQ token (coin) is the fuel that can complete the impartial space. Impartial Space, defined by Square Queue, is a world in which the process has no deception/manipulation and has reasonable reward/result. The deterministic system transparently discloses the process, and the non-deterministic system requires the core itself to be a real nondeterministic algorithm. Impartial Space can be used in various ways in our lives, and one of them is that it can provide Real random values, which are the core of non-deterministic systems. In deep learning and big data analysis, Real(True) random values are key. The SQ token provides vast quantities of random values for deep learning and can respond to billions of parameters.

Key Features and Highlights

SQ Community (Game): Participate with the SQ token, points will be additionally allocated to the win odds. Even so, it does not mean that users without SQ tokens have unreasonable rewards. All reward is based on a mathematical model by Square Density Function (SDF). Without SDF, the SQ community is no different from gambling or casinos. SDF is designed to not cause financial damage to users with reasonable rewards and to perform deep learning from User Data. There is also a probability table using hypergeometric cumulative distribution in the white paper, so please refer to that. 

SQ TRN generator Contract: As a service to indiscriminately generate vast quantities of random values, it uses all of User Data, Oraclize, and TRNG Device. It is designed to respond to tens of billions of parameters with a little cryptocurrency fee, which will be the key to deep learning and data analysis. The SQ TRN contract also pays interest on SQ to stakeholders of SQ tokens (This is like a POS). It supports deep learning and maintains the supply chain of the SQ ecosystem appropriately. SQ's unique deep learning system is based on kibana and provides an example of one of the use cases of SQ TRN.


SQ token Max Supply = 50,000,000‬

    1/2 of SQ tokens of Community Contract (Game and etc,.) are automatically burning out. The other 1/2 is transferred to the SQ TRNG contract with "User Data", and will be rewarded to the SQ Stake Holder.
    Kibana deep learning system itself consumes of SQ token (coin).
    Theoretically, the SQ token can converge close to the Max supply(49,999,999.999...‬), but never reaches the Max supply.


SQ Token's exmarkets IEO period is over.

Introductory papers on Square Queue are continually maintaining and upgrading and are introduced with the release.