SQ temas ETH account as follows: 
For about 20 days since SQ was launched, there is no account other than SQ team that has played SQ_Game. The SQ game has changed the ECDSA signer to disable it for the time being. 

SQ ERC20 has never been sold or traded. Unfortunately, the project has ended.
SQ Dice Address : 0x8e0bc7a37d2db44bbc46ac77a1e4296a5a3fb862

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Validating Provable.xyz response TIME & BLOCKarrive or NOT



Game Results

Automatic Refund

If the random data source of Provable.xyz arrives(Even when it did n’t arrive) with a delay of 15 blocks or more than 5 minutes. After that time or blocks, it will be automatically refunded when a play transaction occurs and is receiving the Provable.xyz CallBack.

Please wait.. 

loading the contents

All processes are handled automatically by the Square Queue

& Provable Smart Contracts from the beginning to the end without any intervention.

● 1% commission is charged to play a game. (0.07% Square queue + 0.03% Trophy is the share of the take)

● Commissions are charged only for the pure amount of participation in the game, not the total amount of winnings.

● The trophy is a process of accumulate 0.03% of Ether amount submitted by users to game. In the ICO period, only the accumulation is made, after which the winner comes out using provable.xyz random.

● The comment for the square queue smart contracts is written in detail and intuitively. take a closer look when you guys have time.

   Address : 0x8e0bc7a37d2db44bbc46ac77a1e4296a5a3fb862

Every game has its own rules and resources.

Do you think that all rules and resources are applied impartially?

Square queue aims to transparently disclose the core process of the game and maintain the reasonableness of the results, creating an environment where players can be convinced of the outcome of the game and any random results.

 Square Queue designates the beginning of 'space' as a 'game’ but will ultimately develop it towards 'virtual society’ and hope that the impartial laws & rules of the virtual society will be projected into the real world. 

SQ token

Will you join the "Square Queue" as a vanguard and pioneer a world of a square deal?